(Extends the Frame class from tkinter)


Display a group of radio buttons to allow the user to choose an option

class guizero.ButtonGroup(master, options, horizontal=False, command=None, grid=None, align=None)

Create a ButtonGroup object

Create a basic ButtonGroup object like this:

from guizero import App, ButtonGroup
app = App()
choice = ButtonGroup(app,
                         options=[["cheese", 0],
                          ["ham", 1],
                          ["salad", 2]],

The options parameter takes a 2D list (a list of lists) of options to display. The numerical values in this example are hidden, but will be returned by the method get(). All items provided in the options list will be autmatically converted to strings when added to the ButtonGroup.

The code above will look like this on Windows:

Windows ButtonGroup

When creating a ButtonGroup object, you can specify the following parameters. (More information about how to specify parameters can be found in the 'How to...' section.)

Parameter Takes Default Compulsory Description
master App or Box - Yes The container to which this widget belongs
options 2D List - Yes A two dimensional list of [text, value] pairs. The first item in the pair will be displayed on the interface, and the second item will be a hidden value associated with this option.
selected string - Yes The option that is selected. This should be the hidden value and NOT the text.
horizontal Boolean False No Whether the buttons stack vertically or horizontally. (Defaults to vertical.)
command function name None No The name of a function to call when a different option is selected.
grid List [int, int] None No [x,y] coordinates of this widget. This parameter is only required if the master object has a grid layout.
align string None No Alignment of this widget within its grid location. Possible values: "top", "bottom", "left", "right". This parameter is only required if the master object has a grid layout.


You can call the following methods on your ButtonGroup object

Method Takes Returns Description
get() - string Returns the hidden value associated with the selected option (NOT the text associated with the option)
set(value) value (string) - Sets the selected option to the option with the string value as its hidden value
get_group_as_list() - List Returns a list containing all of the text/hidden value pairs from the ButtonGroup (useful for debugging)


Creating a ButtonGroup

The simplest way to create a ButtonGroup object is as follows:

app = App()
activities = ButtonGroup(app, options=[
                              ["Roller Skating", "skate"],
                              ["White water rafting", "WWR"],
                              ["Mountain climbing", "climb"]