What is guizero?

guizero is a Python 3 library for creating simple GUIs.

It is designed to allow new learners to quickly and easily create GUIs for their programs.

So have a go with guizero and see what you can create

from guizero import App, Text, PushButton

app = App(title="guizero")

intro = Text(app, text="Have a go with guizero and see what you can create.")
ok = PushButton(app, text="Ok")



The aim of guizero is to make the process of creating simple GUIs quick, accessible and understandable for new learners.

  • Works with standard Python Tkinter GUI library (and no need to install other libraries)
  • Abstracts away details new learners find difficult to understand (such as Tkinter StringVar() objects)
  • Accessible widget naming system to help new learners to build up a mental model
  • Flexible enough to be used for projects up to A-Level standard, yet accessible to primary school children
  • Comprehensive and accessible documentation with examples
  • Generates helpful additional error messages


guizero is currently version 1.5.0